Alex Smith (11) waves his throwing arm just so JJ Watt knows which one to target.

The Washington Football Team is expected to part with one-time near-amputee Alex Smith in the coming days, sources told NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport Monday morning. Smith, perhaps best known for exploding his entire leg after a hit by Texans JJ Watt and Kareem Jackson, threw for 1582 yards across 8 games in 2020 and took 22 sacks without dying, an impressive number for a player one bad breeze away from never walking again. “If I can’t stand when I’m 37, it will have been worth dragging the Washington Football Team to the worst playoff record in the league and then…

I am surrounded by people telling me not to settle for a lesser version of myself, to strive for better things, better self, better dreams.

Maybe they’re right. Maybe they’re not.

I wanted to write this because I don’t think I’m a good writer. I don’t think I have very much to say, despite thinking a lot of things, because most of what I’ve thought or said or dreamed was inherited from someone else’s brain first. I don’t have original ideas. …

it is 2:16 in the morning and the world feels like lake water.
i am swimming through, eyes barely open, and feeling nothing.
i’m thinking about him, about the way he drowned
the way his body crumpled, taut muscle crinkling like foil

it is way too early, or way too late, and nothing is changing.
my mouth stinks. it’s chocolate from an hour ago and
hardly as sweet as before. past joys souring on my tongue;
in time i will wonder if I ever loved them at all.

it is 9:23 in the morning and the water is still covering…

Last night’s draft — the first of the new Bulls regime—settles some questions but raises others about the Bulls' future.

L to R: Marko Siminovic (pick 44), Patrick Williams (pick 4), Devon Dotson (UDFA)

Patrick Williams. Marko Siminovic. Devon Dotson.

The smoke has cleared and the dust settled around the Bulls’ mysterious draft plans, and no, they didn’t take Deni Avdija. Nearly everyone had linked the Israeli PF to Chicago off the strength of “international GM wants international player” and instead new GM Arturas Karnisovas ended up snagging the youngest NCAA player in the draft in Williams at the fourth overall spot.

Williams is a combo forward, though normally when that word is applied today, it refers to a player who would probably be best at power forward but can spend a bit of…

What can the Donovan Thunder teams tell us about Bulls’ draft outlook?

Billy Donovan is not an elite coach.

He’s not a bad coach—those guys generally don’t make the playoffs with the regularity Donovan did—but he certainly is not a domineering mind in his field and his tactics have yet to truly impress in a postseason environment. Still, there are bits and pieces that we can take from his more successful years that could hint at the players in the 2020 NBA Draft most suited to his style. …

In “Punisher”, Phoebe Bridgers mourns times yet to come and people gone by.

Phoebe Bridgers live in St. Louis, MO with boygenius. Photo by me.

Phoebe Bridgers misses her dog.

She misses other things too: things not yet seen or felt, painful life events, people she never knew but found herself reflected in. But she mostly misses Max, her pug/talisman/familiar that passed away roughly a year ago. The liner inside her vinyl says as much: FOR MAX. Were this album imbued with a touch more necromancy, perhaps he’d be back in her living room, slightly muddy but with the eyes bulging and tongue still out as all pugs do. Alas, it was not. …

Wendell Carter is viewed as replaceable. He’s anything but.

Entering his second season, I foolishly assumed that Wendell Carter would finally shut Bulls fans up about how he wasn’t anything special. The difference in play between him and Gafford, in addition to the vacancy created by Robin Lopez’s departure, would afford Wendell all the comparison necessary to highlight what it is that makes him special.

I was wrong. A poll released from the NBCSports Chicago Twitter, shown below, is (almost) everything wrong with people who watch the Bulls.

This is alarming.

At some level, I know it’s fruitless to take these polls seriously. NBCS Chicago’s twitter presence primarily…

We are talking laps around the pool
your sentences are treading water and
I am freestyling, every word distantly
connected to the one before it, but still
smoothly motioned and pushing us forward.

your head is bobbing in the deep end and the feet
of your memory can barely touch the concrete
ideas you so desperately flail to articulate. You can
feel words trickling through your throat but they go
down the wrong pipe and you choke on them, heaving

I hauled you from the water and let you sit alone for a bit to catch your wits and breathe…

On the 1,036th day, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, escorted by
God and a caravan of angels in armored Lincolns,
departed his bed in Parkland Hospital and resigned
the Presidency involuntarily. These are our conclusions.

Mr. Kennedy lost his head amidst the crowd, though he had
received it only days before, courtesy of one Ms. Marilyn
Monroe in the selfsame ’61 Continental. The seats had coke
white cushion with black trim; the glass was standard two-ply.

O, the coarser pleasures of his boyish days and their
animal movements all gone by! …

Will Muckian

I write about the NBA. Sometimes I write about important things too.

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